Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q: Are all your products Korean?

    A: Yes, everything you see on this site and in our showroom is made in Korea.

  • Q: Are you Korean?

    A: Yes, Korean Wallpaper Supply is proudly run by Koreans.


  • Q: What are the dimensions of 1 roll of wallpaper?

    A: All the rolls measure 1 x 15 metres when fully rolled out. For standard HDB flats, this should cover roughly 5 meters of wall.

  • Q: How long will my wallpaper last?

    A: With proper care, the wallpaper should last 10 years. Proper care means keeping it away from excessive moisture (eg. bathrooms and kitchens), excessive heat (eg. stoves, radiators) and physical damage (eg. kids, cats, dogs).

  • Q: Is the wallpaper waterproof?

    A: Yes, the wallpaper has a waterproof PVC coating. However, if water gets behind the paper through the seams between panels or where it meets the ceiling, the paper will lift up so please ensure there is no leaking water from the ceiling.

  • Q: Can I install the wallpaper myself?

    A: Unless you are a trained installer, we don’t recommend it. Hanging wallpaper is not as easy as it looks, and self installations are excluded from our warranty.

Solar Film

  • Q: What is Solar Film?

    A: Solar film is a specially treated film you apply to windows to cut IR and UV radiation transmission.

  • Q: Why do I want to cut UV radiation?

    A: Ultra-violet radiation is generally very destructive. UV radiation is what causes skin cancer (which is why people use sunblock) and causes plastics or fabrics left out in the sun to fade over time. If you get direct sun through your untreated window, it will cause any exposed floors, walls and furniture to fade over time.

  • Q: Why do I want to cut IR radiation?

    A: Infra-red radiation is a fancy way of saying heat. If your flat gets very hot from direct sun, the most effective way to cool down your home is installing solar film. It makes a huge difference, and every flat we installed it in has said so.

  • Q: My window looks tinted. Do I need to install solar film?

    A: Some new premium developments come with glass that has been pre-treated with anti UV or IR coatings. If that is the case, you don’t need to install additional film. If you are unsure, give us a call and we can help you out.

Interior Film

  • Q: What is Interior Film?

    A: Interior Film is a self adhesive PVC film that is used to finish or refinish a variety of interior surfaces. These can include walls, doors, partitions and cabinets.

  • Q: How is it different from wallpaper?

    A: Interior film is fundamentally different from wallpaper in construction and application. For one, wallpaper needs an application of glue while interior film is self adhesive (like a sticker). Also, interior film can be applied where wallpaper cannot such as furniture and doors.

  • Q: What surfaces can I apply it on?

    A: We can generally apply interior film to any smooth surface. These include drywall, MDF, hardwood, plywood, plastic and metal. Depending on the surface, we may need to prime it first. If you are unsure, you can give us a call and we can help you out.

  • Q: Can I apply it to walls instead of wallpaper?

    A: Yes, but there are pros and cons. Firstly, interior film costs much more per SQM compared to wallpaper, so if you have to cover a large area, the cost will add up. Secondly, the adhesive used on interior film is stronger than used on wallpaper, so it might not remove as cleanly if you wish to remove it in the future.

  • Q: So what are the advantages of interior film over wallpaper?

    A: Interior film is much more resilient to friction wear and moisture, so it may be suitable for areas wallpaper might not be. For example, bathroom or kitchen applications, high traffic commercial applications etc. It can also be applied where wallpaper can’t, such as metal.